LADIES’ ROOM is a gallery in downtown LA that exclusively shows women artists. All genders are welcome to visit and support LADIES’ ROOM.

We understand that:

◦ When nearly 2 million different art auction sales were studied, it was found that female artists earn an average of 47% of their male artist counterparts

◦ Only 31% of solo exhibitions in museums are female artists

◦ More than 5,000 artists were tallied in the top contemporary art galleries worldwide, only 30% are female

(Research findings courtesy of Renée Adams and Micol Hebron).

We love all kinds of people, but our exhibition program is reserved for those who identify as female.



We are open from 12-5PM, Thursday through Saturday, or by appointment.

+1 (310) 447-8021

Bendix Building

1206 Maple Ave Suite #502B

Los Angeles, CA, 90015

Parking can be found at nearby lots, on street at meters, or valet under Bendix Building (entry on 12 Street).

For all sales-related inquiries, please email:

We currently do not accept unsolicited artist submissions.