LADIES’ ROOM is a gallery in downtown LA that is dedicated to the research and exhibition of women artists in Los Angeles. all genders are welcome at ladies’ Room. SIGN UP FOR LADIES’ ROOM EVENT EMAILS (WE WILL NEVER SEND YOU SPAM).


What is ladies’ room?

LADIES’ ROOM is a tiny IRL space with a larger URL reach. We are dedicated to the research and exhibition of women artists in Los Angeles, and are currently planning ancillary public programs.

Why was ladies’ room created?

Curator/art consultant Annie Wharton conducted more than 4,000 studio visits with artists in Los Angeles, a city rich with artistic talent yet lacking in opportunities for women artists. More than 5,000 artists were tallied in the top contemporary art galleries worldwide and 70% are male. 69% of solo exhibitions in museums are given to male artists, and when 2 million art auction sales at auction were tallied, it was found that female artists earn an average of 47% of male artists earnings (Research findings courtesy of Renée Adams and Micol Hebron). Ladies’ Room was created to address gender inequities in the contemporary art world by providing an exhibition program reserved for those who identify as female (femme/GNC/non-binary/trans- and cis- women). We know the time is now for this work and we are ready for it. Join us!

Who is welcome at Ladies’ Room?

We welcome all genders to visit and connect with LADIES’ ROOM. Please sign up on our mailing list to find out more about our programs and exhibitions.

how do I contact ladies’ room?


Bendix Building, 1206 Maple Avenue, Suite 502B, Los Angeles, CA, 90015


Tel: +1 (323) 942-9095

I’m an artist. Can I send you information about my work?

LADIES’ ROOM does not currently accept unsolicited artist submissions. We cannot respond to or return unsolicited materials.  

how important is the apostrophe?

It’s grammatically correct.


We are open from 12-5PM, Thursday through Saturday, or by appointment. Parking can be found at nearby lots, on street at meters, or valet under Bendix Building (entry on 12 Street).


If you have a skill or talent that you feel could be useful at LADIES’ ROOM, please contact us.