LADIES’ ROOM is a small exhibition space in downtown LA. All genders are welcome to visit and support LADIES’ ROOM.

We understand that:

◦ More than 5,000 artists were tallied in the top contemporary art galleries worldwide, only 30% are female

◦ Only 31% of solo exhibitions in museums are female artists

◦ At auction female artists earn an average of 11% of what male artists earn (put another way: male artists earn nearly 900% more)

(Research findings courtesy of Micol Hebron, September, 2018.)

We love all kinds of people, but our exhibition program is reserved for those who identify as female (femme/GNC/non-binary/trans- and cis- women).


We gladly schedule visits to Ladies’ Room by appointment.

+1 (323) 942-9095

Bendix Building

1206 Maple Ave Suite #502B

Los Angeles, CA, 90015

Parking can be found at nearby lots, on street at meters, or valet under Bendix Building (entry on 12 Street).

For all sales-related inquiries please

We currently do not accept unsolicited artist submissions.